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Maka Sea evolved so naturally and organically, it was almost a suprise to all of us involved.


'Terimah Kasih' in Bahasa Indonesian means 'Thank you'...A more casual, slang sort of  way to say it to those familiar, is 'Makasi'.


Maka in the Hawaiian language translates to 'eye', and sea, well we all know what that is...So loosely translated, means 'eye of the ocean'.


We live, work, play, and design on Maui, an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; the 'eye of the ocean'.

We spend a couple of months every year on the beautiful island of Bali, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, overseeing the designs become reality in the form of pillows and linens.


Maka Sea's dual meaning to us evokes our love of two cultures, combined into a tangible...pillows.  Everyday we say 'Makasi' for the beauty of the two islands that have helped bring Maka Sea to life.